By Tiago Rangel

I love {{dayofweek}}s. It was around {{hour12}}{{ampm}} on a {{dayofweek}} when I first saw its outlines. I was sitting in {{park}}, around {{park distance}} meters from home, and looking out at the sky. It was a {{weather}} day much like this one.

I love coming back to the smell of {{park city}}. It reminds me of that night in {{chinese-restaurant}} all those years ago.

Wings. Clearly a pair of wings. Floating somewhere towards {{supermarket street}} as if going about their everyday business. This month is even more special. It happened in {{monthofyear}}. So I walk over to {{park}} and look out. But there's never anything anymore...

I returned home and turned on the TV at {{hour12}}:{{minutes}}{{ampm}}. The news read "{{#xml (url "https://news.google.com/rss")}}{{channel.item.[0].title}}{{/xml}}". It's always the same thing.

I decided to go to {{zoo}}{{#contains (url "https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=zoo%20near%20me") "closed"}}, but I didn't even noticed it was closed. I was so distracted{{/contains}}. Anyway, that's not important at all.


Well, I expect to end this history in the future. But for now, I leave it as it is.

Thanks for reading!